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Pasta making is our vocation.

Grown in the best wheat producing land of Italy.


We are Mastro Sapore.


We are lucky enough to originate in Puglia, the "Granary of Italy". What we are we owe to the air, water and grain of our land. The love of pasta has always been with us. A lot of curiosity, knowledge of past practices and a modern and innovative approach: this is how the best stories are born.


We make excellent and natural pasta


Our falling in love with pasta was the most beautiful experience that could happen to us. We dedicate all our time to its strictly artisanal production. And it takes us so long to make it this good! We carefully select only the best durum wheat from Puglia. We mix the pure semolina with fresh water. we wait for the time it takes to dry it gently and finally , we bronze-cut it , to give it the perfect consistency.

We are one click
away from you


Our online shop is the virtual shop where you can find all the Mastro Sapore pasta shapes. Just a click and we are in the kitchen with you

We take part in a gastronomy of excellence


Our pasta has optimal consistency , toughness, roughness and nutritional characteristices to be the star of any top chef's pasta dish and gourmet gastonomies. A great recipe always needs the skill of its executor and the goodness of its ingredients: this is why Mastro Sapore is the choice of chefs who always want to get the most out of the pasta.

We know everything about our wheat. 100% Pugliese

We are the protagonists of our supple chain.


We are the protagonists of our supple chain, because we know and control every stage of production from seed to pasta. We know how our wheat ripens: according to nature, it does not need chemicals or pesticides, the generous sun of the south is enough for it to grow, without haste, healthy and luxuriant. We value the territory and respect the environment that surrounds us.