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Our story

"Make your ideas travel smoothly and fast, like wind that tickles the wheat ears."

Mastro Sapore


It was said that he made the best pasta in town; not only in the town but the best in Puglia! They called him Mastro Sapore, the master of flavour, who delighted the young and old with his delicacies. His mastery was known throughout the region.


"Mastro Sapore makes by far the best pasta, the one with the most fragrant grain!"


The best pasta in Puglia


Slowly, connoisseurs and the merely curious began to arrive from all over Italy to taste its goodness: a long journey to the sunny, Deep South, a pilgrimage to discover flavours never before tried.

And Mastro was always on the move in his countryside:in the morning in the wheat field, " the golden sea" as he called it, talking to the ears and watching them grow tall and luxuriant; the afternoon in his mill, wrapped in a cloud of pure semolina; in the evening kneading dough with the spring water : wrinkled hands and wise gestures.


The Master pasta maker


"Over time, Mastro Sapore became a legendary figure, so much so that everyone wanted to learn his secrets, grasp the essence of his passion.

However only three young men succeeded, who would soon become his favourite pupils, from an early age they followed and observed him, as he carefully handled the semolina and water, the only secrets of his exceptional pasta. "


The Keepers of secrets


During these years, Mirko, Valerio and Antonio, followed all his advice as though it were law, learned every movement that changed as the seasons alternated, learned every procedure and kept to his authentic methods.